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A step by step guide to getting care and support

1. How do I know if I need an assessment?

Before contacting adult social care services you and your carer may want to prepare by thinking about what works well in your life and what needs to change. It may be helpful to do this with a family member, friend or someone else you trust. We know that you understand your situation and your network of support best and that sometimes small changes can help.

Think about your personal circumstances including:

  • Are you able to communicate with people you know and new people and be understood, and understand others?
  • Do you need help getting around your home, managing stairs, getting in and out of bed and chairs, or going out and about using transport?
  • Do you need help with routine, daily activities, such as shopping, laundry, changing bed linen?
  • Is your home suitable for your needs? (For example, state of repair, size of property or garden, location, inaccessible areas when moving around the home - stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, uneven floor surfaces or other environmental issues.)
  • Do you need help with meal preparation, managing dietary requirements, eating, drinking?
  • Do you need help with looking after yourself through washing, dressing, grooming, going to the toilet, managing medication?
  • Are you able to keep in touch with others, take part in social activities, go out to clubs or places of interest and worship, attend work - paid or unpaid?
  • Are you caring for others including children?
  • Do you feel safe being at home and when you are out and about? (Please think about the risks arising from memory problems; sight or hearing loss; medication; falls and accidents; difficulty recognising danger; physical or mental illness or impairment; and self-injury or neglect.)
  • Are you experiencing stress or anxiety? Does this affect your mental wellbeing, understanding and decision making? Are you able to hear and understand what people are saying, think things through and make informed decisions easily?
  • Are you able to manage your personal and household finances, including claiming welfare benefits, paying bills?

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