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Mind are the leading local mental health voluntary organisation, supporting people who are experiencing mental health distress. they also campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

They have launched a project will support adults with mental health problems in the London boroughs of Havering, Barking and Dagenham encouraging them to come together to enjoy social, healthy and sporting activities. These activities will improve physical health and mental wellbeing, build confidence, combat isolation and enable the formation of 'Get Out' Peer networks to improve community links for individuals. 

The aim is to improve the recovery time of individuals who have experienced a crisis with their mental health and ensure on-going support is provided to avert such crises in the future. They also aim to help people achieve improvements to their overall physical health by monitoring weight, BMI and blood pressure. Health workshops will include nutrition advice and diabetes/heart health information. Emotional wellbeing work shop at Dagenham Heathway Library. Physical health sessions to include, as example Walks, Badminton, Multi Arts/Gardening at the Walled Garden Project in Bedsford Park, Horticulture at Harrow Lodge Hornchurch.

On average they support over 700 people a year, from all different age groups with different experiences. For more information download the leaflet on right hand side of the page 

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