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Accesscare Ltd - Supported Living Accommodation

Accesscare Ltd provides care/support to service users aged 18 years to 65 years with mental health condition, learning disability and complex needs or whose behaviour can be challenging.

The Registered Manager will have an overall responsibilities for the service provision with support from the Appointed deputy Manager.  The Registered Manager will be actively involved in the delivery of the service and monitoring of all service users and care plans to ensure that every person using the service receives high quality of care/support needed.

Access Care Limited (Adonai Lodge) is situated at:

111 Turnage Road
Essex RM8 1QT

Telephone: 0203 726 3355/0775 279 7409

Accesscare Ltd (Adonai Lodge) has 4 bedrooms which are fully furnished with a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, Sky TV in lounge and all bedrooms and wifi access. The kitchen has a cooker, fridge, cooking utensils and food storage space.  The lounge is fully furnished with comfortable sofas and a coffee table.  A washing machine and ironing board are also provided. Accesscare Ltd is situated in an ordinary street close to the local gym.  There is good public transport links from Romford Shopping Centre, Barking, Stratford Westfield etc.


The vision of Accesscare Limited is to:

-Become recognised as the leading provider of innovation, responsive, high quality, and best value specialist community based care support services.

This will be achieved through our mission which is:

-to make a positive difference to peoples lives through the delivery of high quality services.

Accesscare Ltd is committed to providing a quality service and quality care to all our service users.  The commitment is supported by our aims and objectives which are:

  • To promote the health and emotional wellbeing of individual service users receiving our service.
  • To ensure that every service users needs are met with full adherence to their personal life choices, cultural and ethnic requirements.  Supporting them to live their life how they want to, free from discrimination or harassment of any kind and maintaining an empowering culture.
  • To provide personal care and practical assistance with essential or useful tasks in order to support service users to live in the community as independently as possible, with a key focus on improved quality of life.
  • To support each individual service user in managing and maintaining their economic,  wellbeing, choices of work, paid or unpaid, management of their personal income, benefits and funds to support their independence.
  • To support service users with respect, acknowledge their rights of personal freedom, assist with daily living skills, to support and build the personal dignity and self -respect.
  • To safeguard all service users and staff from elements of abuse and poor practice as well as creating an environment where individuals are valued.
  • To support service users and to make informed decisions that reflect individual choice and preference either within the service or through external agencies.
  • To ensure that all service users are involved in the decision making process of how the service is delivered and are given the opportunity to make their needs known and those needs are identified and acted upon as part of their individual Care Support Plan and their Person Centred Planning (PCP).

Service users will be assisted with:

- Support with food preparation,

-support with maintaining a clean and safe environment,

-support to attend community based appointments,

-support with food and grocery shopping

- Support with self-harm reduction

-support with preventing incidents

- Support with planning holidays and short breaks depending on risk assessment, availability of funds and the wishes of the individual.


Prior to the commencement of a service provision, it is imperative that the following information is available:

-an individual has mental health problem, learning difficulty and or autism and is in need of support.

-individual can be either in need of care or live independently.

-individual is between 18 years to 65 years.

- Individual is in need of longer or shorter term care and support.

-individual has had a full risk assessment and care plan has been produced.

A referral form has been completed and returned.


Service users will always be treated with respect and consideration given to the need for privacy.  We are sensitive to the fact that due to the nature of the service provided, it can often be harder to enjoy privacy when compared to living totally independently.  Simple procedures can make all the difference to a service users quality of life such as:

  • Service Users can lock their own personal space.
  • Staff to always knock on service users bedroom before entering.
  • Service Users have privacy in reading mail or during telephone calls.
  • Service Users can dine privately if they chose.
  • Consultations with professionals will always be private unless invited.
  • Service Users are not allowed in each others bedroom.


We recognise and support the right of all service users to complain about the service if necessary.  There are no restrictions upon issues for complaint and we guarantee that no reprisal will be taken against anyone who complains. As detailed in our Complaints and Compliments Policy, our Complaints Procedure allows for both informal and formal resolution of complaints and all service users are supported to follow the procedure when making a complaint.

All the stages and process of making a complaint, as detailed in our policy, give the complainant ample opportunity and information to discuss the matter with team members, up to the Manager and the expected response times and methods. Ultimately should the complainant still remain dissatisfied, they can contact the Commission for Social Inspection, whose decision we will accept and implement.  A written record of complaints will be kept including all outcomes.  We openly welcome all complaints received and ensure they are passed on and recorded accordingly.



Planning is essential to ensure that the service is appropriate to the service users needs.  The Registered Manager will ensure that care plans are suitable, adequately implemented, checked, reviewed and changed where necessary.  Building on the assessment process, an initial care plan will be written (72 hour Care Plan) in conjunction with the service user. Registered Manager, respective Keyworker and other professionals involved in providing support for the individual. This will be followed by a comprehensive care plan which will be reviewed after one month then 3 months afterwards.  An important function of the care plan is to identify areas to develop, set and agree realistic aims, objectives, and goals and to promote the service users independence.



The service user safety is of paramount importance and risk assessment form a part of the process.  We support each other individuals right to self-determination and assist in reducing risks, so that service users can benefit from making personal choices that develop self-reliance and contain acceptable level of risk.



In creating a day care programme, we involve service user in order to establish what they want to achieve, what skills they have and what skills we can help them to develop. The day programme include:

  • Developing domestic skills such as cooking and budgeting skills.
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Gardening
  • Pottery
  • Hobbies
  • Community based activities.
  • Art and craft


Each individual cultural and religious preferences are written in their care plan.  This ensures that staff accommodate these during the individual daily routine.  We facilitate attendance at religious service if desired.  Where service user is unable to attend a religious service but still wishes to do so, we can make provision for a visit in the home by Chaplin, pastor etc.



The Registered Manager has vast experience working with service users with mental health problems and learning disability. She has undertaken a leadership and management course.


Diploma in Higher Education Registered Nursing



The service is intended for people aged 18 years to 65 years.



We support male service users.



We provide nursing care.



Service and environment can be adapted to suit certain individual.



The service will be provided for any length of time required. There are no limits set, ensuring that services can be tailor made and appropriate care plans can be put in place with realistic time scales.



Accesscare Ltd was established in October 2016 to provide support and care to service users aged 18 years and over.  Both full time and part time staff of mixed age, gender and ethnicity are employed with necessary skills, experience and qualifications.  All staff at Accesscare Ltd will complete a comprehensive Induction and relevant Training.  We fully recognise that our team forms the essential strength for our service and we are committed to supporting individual growth and development for our employees. We are committed to the highest standards of care and development of positive lifestyles of service users and assist them to live the fullest possible life within the community.

Who to contact

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Dora Pasirayi
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Where to go

Adonai Lodge

Accesscare Ltd provides care/support to service user's aged 18 to 65 years with mental health, learning disability and complex needs or whose behaviour can be challenging. Accesscare Ltd is committed to provide a 24hrs quality service and care to all our service user's.

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Accesscare Ltd provides 24 hours quality service and care to all our service users.
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24 hour Supported Living Accommodation situated in Dagenham

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Referrals are taken via the phone and email.

Immediate vacancies
Vacancy notes

Accesscare Ltd has 4 available bedrooms


We cater for both mental health and learning disabiity service users.

CQC Information

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are regulators of health and adult social care in England.
Below are details published by CQC about this service. You can see further information including inspection reports on the CQC website.

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