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Find a Personal Assistant

Click on the search results below to view the profiles of our PA's and find out how you can contact them directly. You can also narrow your search by using the filters on the right-hand side.

Irena B

I am a female P.A and work within a team of P.A.'s who cover when required. Within the team we ensure that continuity to service users/clients are instilled.

My availability is Monday to Sunday 8.00am to 9pm

My Interests are in crafts and spending time in the open air, walking etc.

I work within a small group who cover when reuired. Within our team we will support in DOUBLE HANDED CALLS           


Jacqueline F

I am a female P.A. and worked as a P.A. for some years. I enjoy my role in caring as I feel I can support, services users to live in their own homes. I am reliable, good time keeper, and I am flexiable in my time and tasks. I try to meet service users needs. I am happy in providing personal care,shopping,escorting to clubs, hospitals, etc.

My availability Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm. I am willing to work every other weekend and cover other P.A's annnual leave or short notice sickness.                 I am looking to build up my work rota. 


Langague spoken: English

Jacquelyn C

I am a female P.A. and have worked for the last 12 years in caring for Adults who have learning disabilites, Autism,& MS. I am enthusiastic, dedicated and focused individual. I am able to work on my own initiative.

My availability is Monday to Friaday 9am - 4pm

I enjoy my role and work  of a P.A.

I have various training through Saga Care Agency 2012

Jade R

I am a Female P.A. I have worked in care for 7 years and enjoy my role as a P.A. I am flexiable in my working role as a P.A. to meet the needs of the service.        I have a buddy who will cover when I need to take annual leave/sickness etc. (Catherine Rednap). I have alot of knowledge and experience in caring. 



Jane T

I am a female P.A. and give 100% of my time to support my services users to live as independently as their can. I will support in personal care, shopping,       general house work,sitting in service. I am not a car driver but I am willing to take service users on buses or any form of transport to get to day centres etc.

I work within a small team of P.A.'s (Karen Porter) who will cover my days off due to annual leave, sickness etc.

My availability is Monday to Sunday 7.30am to 9pm.                                       My preference is to work in the Chadwell Heath Area though I do not mind working in any other areas.

Langaues Spoken: English

Janet K

An experienced and capable PA who works with a team of other PAs to ensure quality, reliability and consistency of care.

Janet N

I am a female P.A. and have worked in caring for many years. Previously I worked for the Borough Complex Needs Team supporting service users/clients to live independently. I also worked for the Reablement / Pallaitive / Dementia Teams.  I can offer alot of my knowledge and experience in supporting people  to live in their own homes.

I work within a small team of ex LBBD P.A.'s (Sharon & Jan) who will cover Double up, single calls , sitting in service and gentric calls. We will cover each other in sickness, annual leave etc between ourselves to keep the continity. I will work all over the Borough.

Availability Monday to Sunday AM to PM


Language Spoken: English

Janet S

I am a female P.A. and have worked as a carer for some years with agency. My role as a P.A. is to ensure my clients chose what or how they want me to support them in their own homes.

My availabilty is Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm

My interests are Cooking,Reading & Travelling.

Languages Spoken: English

Janice C-P

I am a female P.A and have worked for LBBD in complex needs and wish to continue in this role as a P.A. I have years of knowledge and experience in supporting service users in their own homes,

Availability Tuesday to Friday 8am -2.30pm


Language Spoken: English

Janis E

I am a female P.A. and I am currently supporting a service user with Dementia to whom I support in personal care, activies and reading to him. I have experience in Mental Health & Stroke as I cared for my mum for 5 years

My availability is Monday to Friday 9am -5pm

Languages spoken: ENGLISH


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