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What is safeguarding and getting help

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The duties of the Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB), is to protect adults at risk and raise awareness of safeguarding adults, throughout the Borough.

What is safeguarding

The Care Act 2014 has for the first time given a formal statutory base for Safeguarding Adults Boards. This will enable SAB’s to deliver a more robust challenge to partner agencies and ensure a greater consistency in safeguarding in our borough.

It does this by:

  • ensuring that local safeguarding arrangements are in place as defined by the Care Act 2014
  • embedding good safeguarding practices, that puts people at the centre of its duties
  • working in partnership with other agencies to prevent abuse and neglect where possible
  • ensuring that services and individuals respond quickly and responsibly when abuse or neglect has occurred
  • continually improving safeguarding practices and enhancing the quality of life of adults in the local area

Getting help

Help from the police
In an emergency you should always call 999 and ask for the police. Or call 101 if you are worried but it is not an emergency.

Help from the council
For help from the council contact the Adult Social Care Intake & Access Team
Tel: 020 8227 2915
Out of hours Emergency Social Work Duty Team
Tel: 020 8594 8356

Someone to speak on your behalf  Our advocacy service works to ensure that people’s voices are heard, that their rights are protected, and that they understand what is happening to them. We speak for up for them when they cannot, and support and advise them when they can.

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