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Help at home

In this section you can find information about the support and services that are available to help you to live at home independently.

Looking after myself
Support to help you live an independent life at home. Includes information on equipment, personal care, how to employ a personal assistant and taking medicines safely.

Living safely at home
Are you moving safely around your home? Accidents, like falls, can have serious consequences. Older and vulnerable people, particularly those living on their own, need to be able to call for help in an emergency. Telecare equipment can help. You may also be to access the Handyman scheme that can do small jobs around the home to reduce hazards and prevent falls.

Preparing meals
Good nutrition is important at any age but many people don’t eat properly because they experience problems preparing food or feeding themselves. If you are having difficulty making your own meals at home, you can have meals delivered or hire help with meal preparation.

We know that keeping your home clean and tidy is important, but our priority is to help people with managing their personal care, and ensuring they are well and safe. This means that we are not able to provide help for things like cleaning, shopping and home maintance. If you need help with general housework there are a large number of local private homecare agencies who can provide this service.

Home maintenance and gardening
If you want some help with things like gardening, you could contact the Barking and Dagenham Volunteer Bureau to see if there are volunteers who could offer you help. Alternatively you will need to make your own arrangements with a company or individual who are able to provide this service.

Keeping warm
It is important to keep warm in colder weather, especially during the winter.  We are all more vulnerable to colds and infections and these are more serious if you have underlying health problems and as you get older. There are schemes to help you pay rising gas and electricity bills.

Home Library Service
As part of the Home Library Service new customers are visited to find out what kind of books and or music they enjoy and whether they prefer large print or books on CD/tape.  All our services are free.

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